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The biological processes that occur in biological filters (biofilters) and biotrickling filters are naturally occurring in the environment. These processes have been harnessed in these filters to consume the concentrated odours and emissions that are produced by modern industry and civil infrastructure like food processing and sewer networks.

Microbe populations of various types live in the biological system within these filters and the strength of these are affected by things like, changes in pollutant concentrations and fluctuating temperatures and flows. The microbial population in biological filters develops over time and providing the polluted gas stream has a consistent profile the microbes present will grow based on the gas they like to consume and eventually develop a balanced population based on the gas volumes present.

“Bioaction Bio Blocks” and also “Bioaction Liquid Nutrient” supplements are a means of kick starting or supporting a microbial population within a biofilter. When a biofilter is installed, the virgin media does not have a large enough microbial population to enable the filter to perform instantly to its capacity, as the population needs to develop and this can take a number of days or weeks. This is where the bio block nutrient supplements are a great tool to rapidly propagate a large microbial community with many varieties so as to enable the filter to start working to capacity in a short period of time. Depending on the mechanisms within the biofilter you can use a liquid or a solid delivery method.

The “Bioaction Bio Blocks” are a slow release tablet that increases the rate of breakdown and digestion of odours and its byproducts. “Bioaction Bio Blocks” contain microbes, micronutrients combined with pH buffering, which neutralizes low pH as well as an odour-neutralizing product. Biofilters using “Bioaction Bio Blocks” will speed up hydrogen sulphide (H2S) reduction and associated acids. It is designed to reduce organic content and for managing foul odours.

“Bioaction Liquid Nutrient” supplement is designed to be fed into the irrigation system of a biofilter, or biotrickling filter, which then stimulates the growth of the microbial population.

In addition to stimulating the biofilter to be fully operational in a short time frame, these methods can be used to create an artificially large microbial population, which is supported by the nutrient rather than the polluted gas. This can be advantageous in certain circumstances, as it will allow the biofilter to deal with fluctuations of pollutants in the gas stream without having to wait for the microbial population to grow naturally.

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