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FiltaBTF Biotrickling Filtration System from Bioaction

Biotrickling Biological Odour Filter Range

FiltaBTFTM biotrickling biological air phase filtration system for the control of sewer odours and toxic industrial gases.

Benefits of FiltaBTFTM biotrickling filtration systems:

• Suitable for control municipal sewer odours and toxic industrial gases
• Hydrogen Sulphide removal rates of up to 99%
• Modular robust construction
• Efficient water usage
• Unique nutrient makeup
• Small footprint
• Flexible design to suit height or surface area restrictions
• Low environmental impact

About FiltaBTFTM biotrickling technology


The FiltaBTFTM biotrickling filter is part of the Bioaction biological air phase odour and emission filter range. These biological scrubbers or biotricklers offer a very effective way to treat high levels of odorous and pollutant gases such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), mercaptans and VOC’s. This natural process of biological oxidisation can achieve significant odour and emission reduction in outlets with high gas concentrations, without the use of harsh chemicals.

FiltaBTFTM biotrickling filters are a modular plug‘n’play filter system and can be configured in a multiple vessel or low-rise construction to achieve most treatment outcomes and installation requirements. Depending on the site, by installing a low-rise system with a large diameter vessel over a larger area the duplication of pipe and system infrastructure associated with tall multi-vessel system is negated and the cost savings are significant. The modular design minimises costs via a reduction in construction lead-times as well as logistics costs and on site assembly costs. All the filter vessels are constructed in Australia from HDPE to meet strict wastewater guidelines. They are designed to minimise UV degradation by using UV stabilised materials.

FiltaBTFTM biotrickling filtration systems have a great value proposition and meet expectations for the environmentally sustainable treatment of gaseous pollutants from industries such as municipal and industrial waste water treatment, sewer systems and pump stations, pulp & paper industries, tanneries, rendering facilities, minerals and petrochemical processing, landfills, and composting plants.


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FiltaBTF - BTF580 - 580 Ltr/s Biotrickling Filter with optional secondary carbon filter also connected.


Reference White Papers for Biofiltration technology.

  • Biofiltration of Odorous Gas Emissions

- Doctoral Thesis by Anneli Andersson Chan - Click here to download

  • Biofiltration - a Primer

- Center for Waste Reduction Technologies by Stephen F. Adler - Click here to download


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