FiltaCarb Vent Cube Series.

Australian designed, engineered and manufactured.

FiltaCarb Carbon Vapour Filtration from Bioaction

FiltaCarb - Activated Carbon Vent Air Filters

Functional description -

The FiltaCarbTM system is a single-stage treatment using carbon adsorption technology. Hazardous gases are extracted from the source using an extraction/blower fan that then vents the untreated gases through the filter media. The untreated gases accumulate in the lower plenum of the filter before being evenly diffused through the media of the filter bed where contaminates are physically adsorbed. A specific activated carbon media mixture is used to treat the target gases to achieve more than 99.5% removal of source gases.

Construction description -

FiltaCarbTM vent cube activated carbon filter is designed to reduce logistic and installation costs. The system is preloaded with media and is factory tested prior to dispatch. The filter vessel as well as any other associated components (including extraction fan and sound attenuator) are mounted within a single assembly. The FiltaCarbTM vent cube filter is constructed from PVC which has been constructed to be corrosion and UV resistant. Optional: HDPE.

Absorptive media description -

Utilises a specifically designed activated carbon for use in odour control systems where the primary cause of odour is as a result the presence of mercaptans, Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), and VOC’s. Customised media blends and mixtures can be supplied to meet any needs that fall outside the capacities of our standard activated carbon materials.

FiltaCarb Vent Cube Series Range
Models  FCC155  FC200
Litres / sec 155 200
m3 / hr 540 540
Empty Bed Residence Time (sec) 3 3
System Size Width (m) 1.00 1.14
System Size Length (m) 1.30 1.55
System Height (m) 1.69 1.77

Media Volume (m3)

0.45 0.60
Media Depth (m) 0.57 0.60

Media Mass - GAC (kg)

252 336


System  Mass - Vessel  (kg)

78 198


System Mass - Misc. kg)

30 30


System Mass - Total  (kg)

360 564

Duct Size - ID (mm)

154 154


Pressure Drops - Vessel (Pa)

341 577


Fan Model No.

Seat 20 Seat 20

Fan Motor Size (KW) 

1.10 1.10

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Bioaction works closely with its clients in providing the most suitable and cost-effective solution for their particular application. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of workmanship and customer service. We are recognised for our evolving innovation and commitment to the science of odour abatement.


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