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FiltaPlus Modular Hybrid Filter System from Bioaction

Hybrid Two Stage Filter System Range

FiltaPlusTM hybrid odour filter systems use a combination of biological and activated carbon filtration technologies for the control of sewer odours and the mitigation of industry gases.

Benefits of FiltaPlusTM odour control filters:

• Suitable for municipal sewer odour control and industrial gas mitigation applications
• More than 99.5% of H2S removed
• More than 10 years biofilter life expectancy from the unique long lasting media.
• Deep-bed design with minimal static pressure
• Compact design and small operating footprint
• High retention times
• Corrosion resistant and UV stable HDPE construction
• Complete with blower, irrigation, humidification system and electrical control panel
• Minimal installation (air, water, waste and power)

About FiltaPlusTM odour control technology

FiltaPlusTM hybrid bio filters provide the highest level of emission and odour abatement. The two-stage treatment train complements the latest technology in deep bed bio filtration emission and odour treatment. The system consists of the first stage being a bio filtration vessel followed by a second stage carbon filtration vessel.

The range of highly engineered, efficient, low maintenance and cost-effective odour control system components are designed to reduce odorous emissions in this configuration by over 99.5% and additionally reduce corrosion of sewer infrastructure.

There are two options for the custom designed systems:

  1. Two separate vessels for the Biological and the Carbon filtration components of the process. Or 
  2. One single two-stage vessel housing both filtration processes.     

The custom configuration of media composition within the separate vessel enables Bioaction’s expert consultants to reduce odour profiles by more than 99.5% of H2S. The consultants can also address high levels of other odourous gases such as Ammonia, Mercaptans and Dimethyl Sulphide that may be present in the odour if an odour profile exists for the problem at hand. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) can also be addressed in these systems as part of the media composition mixture to give an extremely good end result.

Bioaction’s experts will assess the odour profile for any given site and propose a mix of homogeneous organic micro pore filtration media derived from a highly renewable resource and combinations of Carbon Media in the form of “Granular Vapour Carbon” and “Caustic Impregnated Vapour Carbon”.

The modular design of Bioaction’s FiltaPlusTM enables it to be positioned in relatively confined spaces in comparison to other systems. The modular design is constructed on engineered skid infrastructure to enable rapid installation and commissioning within 1-3 days of delivery to site.

Download FiltaPlusTM dual vessel series brochure

Download FiltaPlusTM extension vessel series brochure

FilterPlus installation for S.A. Water at Wingfield.

FiltaPlus Hybrid System Installation from Bioaction

FiltaPlus Installation

FiltaPlus installation for S.A. Water at Wingfield.

FiltaPlus Hybrid System Installation from Bioaction 

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- Doctoral Thesis by Anneli Andersson Chan - Click here to download

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Our Aim!

Bioaction works closely with its clients in providing the most suitable and cost-effective solution for their particular application. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of workmanship and customer service. We are recognised for our evolving innovation and commitment to the science of odour abatement.


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The team at Bioaction are fully skilled to walk a client through the most suitable design for there specific application.

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