food manufacturing

food manufacturing

As environmental awareness has increased among the public so have environmental restrictions among regulators. Odours emitted from food processing plants are becoming more of a concern as food plants and residential areas grow closer in proximity. 

The objectionable odours in the food industry are generally a result of the physical processing of foods in which biological or chemical reactions form volatile organic compounds (VOCs), related to processes like cooking, heating, drying, or smoking of foods as well as the ingredients used in the process.

The best method for controlling odorous compounds is by eliminating the odour before it is formed thus removing the need for further air processing. This is not an easy task and many food manufacturers cannot control all the volatiles released during processing. Most odorous compounds emitted from food plants are not a public health concern but can be considered a public nuisance and, therefore, are subject to local governmental regulations.

Bioaction can design and deliver efficient and cost effective odour control solutions to the food processing industry. Our practical experience supports our knowledge base and product design to:

  • Improve occupational safety when working around hazardous gases
  • Allow you to meet strict environmental compliance
  • Improve community relations
  • Improve animal welfare
  • Increase food conversion and yield

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