FiltaCarb™ FC75 Series

FiltaCarb 75 Series Rapid Skids provide a budget solution to odour problems. They are designed using replaceable vapour carbon canisters, each containing 75kg of activated carbon. Ideal for low-flow air purification for industrial and municipal applications. These budget adsorption filters are specifically designed for wastewater and acid gas emissions but they are also suitable for a range of industrial gases.



  • Suitable for municipal sewer and industrial applications
  • More than 99.5% of H2S removed
  • Treats organic contaminants and odour-causing emissions
  • Low pressure drops across the filter bed
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Designed for the rigours of wastewater treatment
  • Rapid drum replacement when carbon is depleted


  • Fully expandable to suit flow requirements
  • Negative and positive pressure flow
  • Stainless Steel fan/blower
  • Continuous H2S monitoring
  • Basic control system (on/off switch and flow damper)


ModelMin Flow (L/s)Max Flow (L/s)EBRT @ Max Flow (s)Vessel Diameter (m)Width (m)Length (m)Height (m)Media Vol (m^3)System Mass (kg)Approx. Pressure (Pa)Motor Size (kW)
FC75 Drum40751.50.6N/AN/AN/A0.1388450N/A
FC75MS Drum40751.50.6N/AN/AN/A0.13100450N/A
FC75SS Drum40751.50.6N/AN/AN/A0.13100450N/A

Fulton Hogan

Background: Fulton Hogan produces hot tar.  The tar has to be kept at very high temperatures for mixing.  As you could imagine, in the mixing process it gives off a

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