FiltaCube™ Gas Absorber Filter

The FiltaCube Gas Absorber offers a simple and secure solution for fugitive odours. It can be mounted directly above a penetration into the wet well or mounted locally and ducted to the system. The system is supplied complete with extraction fan and sound attenuator. It is a robust construction and high durability and is UV and corrosion resistant. Suitable for wastewater pump stations, rising mains and manholes. It is also suitable for other industrial emission applications where specific filtration media can be applied to treat the target emissions.



  • Suitable for municipal sewer and industrial applications
  • Up to 200lps capacity
  • Greater than 95% of H2S removal
  • Ability to treat complex gas streams
  • Low static pressure
  • Manual flow control
  • Corrosion resistant and UV stable HDPE construction
  • Complete with turn-key system


  • Supplied on a galvanised transport and mounting skid
  • Media options specific to target emissions


Min Flow (L/s)Max Flow (L/s)EBRT @ Max Flow (s)Vessel Diameter (m)Width (m)Length (m)Height (m)Media Vol (m^3)System Mass (kg)Approx. Pressure @ Max Flow (Pa)Motor Size
FCC200 NEG752003N/A1.
FCC200 - NEG Datasheet
FCC200 Datasheet

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