FiltaOdor™ Biofiltration

FiltaOdor Biofilter™ is a modular biological treatment system for the removal odorous gases and VOC’s. The hazardous gases are fan extracted through a humidification system to raise the relative humidity to > 95%. Gases are evenly diffused through moistened media filter bed where the contaminants are biologically oxidised. Moisture within the filter bed is maintained and controlled by an irrigation system. Treated air then flows through a vent stack and diffused to atmosphere. The unique long-life BioMedia provides proven performance with little maintenance.



FiltaOdor™ biological filter systems use a homogeneous organic micropore filtration media derived from a highly renewable resource. The media has high adsorptive properties for efficient mass transfer of organics and oxygen from inlet gases into the liquid phase. It is long lasting with a high mechanical stability, has low bioavailability and a high surface area to volume ratio. This exceptionally large surface area and rough porous surface permits bacteria adhesion to promote biomass colonisation and distribution. Its porosity prevents pressure loss and maintains constant aerobic conditions throughout the life of the media.

The life expectancy of the organic media is greater than 10 years and as a result gives an excellent return on investment. The environment created by the media enables the highly efficient treatment of odorous gases to reduce the odour profiles of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), mercaptans, V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds), hydrocarbons, ketones, aldehydes, amines and reduce sulphide gases such as Dimethyl Sulphide. Once the system is operational there is minimal maintenance required, provided the supply of the connected utilities of water, power and drainage are stable.

The FiltaOdorTM filter system is available in a number of standard capacities ranging from 75 L/s to 670 L/s and Bioaction is happy to consult on custom requirements. Custom configuration of odour abatement solutions includes design and development of systems to deal with specific capacity and installation requirements as well as more complex odorous gas profiles. The plug’n’play modular design of Bioaction’s FiltaOdorTM filter system provides total flexibility in designing the system to suit the target flow requirements and emission reduction outcomes. The modular design also enables it to be positioned in relatively constrained spaces in comparison to other systems. The modular design is constructed on an engineered skid base to enable rapid installation and commissioning, typically within 1-3 days of delivery to site.

Benefits of FiltaOdorTM biological odour filters:

•  Suitable for municipal and industrial applications

•  Capable of removing greater than 95% of H2S

•  Ability to treat complex gas streams

•  More than 10 years life expectancy from the unique organic media.

•  Deep-bed design with minimal static pressure

•  Small operating footprint

•  High retention times

•  Corrosion resistant and UV stable High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E.) construction

•  Complete with blower, irrigation, humidification system and electrical control panel

•  Skid mounted for rapid deployment and ease of transport

•  Minimal installation (air, water, waste and power)

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