FiltaVent™ Passive Filter – 2 Way Series

FiltaVent Passive Filter 2 Way Series are cost-effective and efficient ground-mounted filter systems with replaceable cartridges. Each one is a self-breathable passive filter with low static pressure that can be used to solve a range of odour issues at sewage pumping stations, vent stacks and pressure relief valves. They are supplied with replaceable cartridges that can easily be changed by operators, when the carbon is exhausted. The system is designed to allow air to enter the network under negative pressure to assist with normal hydraulics and corrosion.

Our FiltaVent Passive Vent Filter was developed for some specialised applications where low-pressure drop was important. It has now turned out to have applications across sewer networks that had never been realised. It was originally designed to act as a breathable filter that could replace or work in conjunction with vent stacks. In the application, the flow of air would not be restricted. The perfect fit for pumps stations to replace one-way valves which are prone to fail and do not allow enough air to flow when the pumps station is in negative pressure.



  • Suitable for municipal sewer network applications
  • Two way flow – breathable
  • Greater than 99.5% of H2S removal
  • Annulus filter design with minimal static pressure
  • Replaceable cartridge filters
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Can be used as an induct
  • Simple installation


  • FiltaVent Stack Diverter available
  • Can connect to and extraction fan


Min Flow (L/s)Max Flow (L/s)EBRT @ Max Flow (s)Vessel Diameter (m)Width (m)Length (m)Height (m)Media Vol (m^3)System Mass (kg)Approx. Pressure @ Max Flow (Pa)Motor Size
FV40-HDPE Brochure
FV40-HDPE Brochure
FV80-HDPE Brochure
FV80-HDPE Brochure
FV160-HDPE Brochure
FV160-HDPE Brochure

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