typical biofilter

Media life
Media stability and integrity
Media compaction or channelling
Increased head loss with compaction
Humidity and irrigation control
Large footprint
Maintaining environmental controls

Bioaction FiltaOdor Biofilter

Up to 20-year life of media
High robust homogenous profile
No compaction or channelling
Low and consistent pressure drop
Integrated design
Small operating footprint
Complete environmental control


Biofilter technology Biofiltration is the oldest biotechnological method for the removal of undesired gaseous compounds from air. Since 1920’s biofilters have been applied to remove odorous compounds emitted from wastewater treatment plants or intensive animal farms. Biofilters are very effective at removing sulphur-based odour compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, organic sulphides and mercaptans.

Two biofilter configurations are in use:

  • Closed biofilter, where process parameters such as fluid flow, fluid composition, temperature, etc. are easier to monitor and control
  • Open bed biofilter, meaning that the upper part of the bioreactor is opened. As open biofilters are exposed to climate changes, their operation is more difficult to stabilize than that of closed biofilters.

Bioaction has reengineered biofiltration technology, both closed and open bed design, to increase the operational life, to reduce maintenance dependency and increase its functionality.

We have mitigated the typical issues with biofiltration:

biofiltration – closed system

Bioaction has pioneered the development of FiltaOdor closed deep bed biofiltration with completely engineered or “manufactured” solution. Our unique deep-bed design has addressed media stability and control issues and are provided with process guarantees.

The media stability is addressed using an “engineered media,” as contrasted with a “simple media” such as highly bioavailable compostable organic media. FiltaMedia engineered media has a specific combination of mineral organic materials that to ensure consistent and repeatable performance. Process control, to protect the media from temperature and humidity swings, is addressed through the design of the filter. The media are contained in modules that are arranged in an array to provide a complete biofiltration system. This modular design provides quick and easy construction of the system and extremely easy media replacement.

biofiltration – open bed

Bioaction has been able to develop and highly engineered open bed system that mirrors many of the features of our closed systems. Its use of FiltaMin media and Hanit raised aeration flooring which combine to cause a step change in biofilter design. Where space is not a premium, the Bioaction system is a highly cost effective solution for high flow applications.

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