Fulton Hogan


Fulton Hogan produces hot tar.  The tar has to be kept at very high temperatures for mixing.  As you could imagine, in the mixing process it gives off a very strong odour.  The company searched for a solution that would control the odour, under very high temperature and make it more comfortable for their work team.


To design a system that would control odour on a system that moved up and down (load cell) and be robust enough to work under extreme heat.  We needed to create a vacuum and pressure system to extract odour while the tanks filled and then emptied.  Gaskets had to be sourced that could handle the heat and no part of the system could rest on the tank as it would affect the load cell for weighing.  Also had to work within a budget and deliver and install the system around the truck movements without affecting the flow.


A range of new materials were used to produce the system.  Because of the heat transfer through out the process, the team designed a stainless steel ducting system to transfer the gasses for filtration. Unique valve systems were installed to allow the fan to be controlled manually so that the air could be pushed back into the system as the hot tar was being emptied.

Bracing involved fixing Unistrut to the existing building for support and a special flex tubing was used to move up and down with the tank as it was being filled and emptied to not affect the weight readings.  In only 2 days, the system was installed and running to the delight of the surrounding staff members.


Even though a unique work request involving many different challenges had been made by the client, the Bioaction team designed a system to withstand the temperature, odour and moving floor issues.  The challenge was met with enthusiasm from the whole team as it allowed them to be creative and stamp their authority on the industry as problem solvers for any odour issues.  The client was amazed with the concept, efficiency and installation team that worked around their teams with the highest of safety controls. 

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