Global Energy Trading – Saudi Arabia


A Saudi Arabian company – Global Energy Trading – went in search for a solution to their  odour problem caused by the transfer of “oily water”.  Their search took them to include international providers as they were unable to find a system to manage the small flow rate and odour under very high temperatures.


The client was looking for a partner who could supply them a system that was modular and robust enough to handle the harsh climatic conditions it would be exposed to.  They made it very clear that strict environmental laws had to be met to ensure no ongoing issues.  Transport had to be arranged and delivery was to be within 3 weeks of enquiry.  The system had to be easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.


Our sales team were very supportive to the Global Trading Group, quickly following up on their enquiries and making times to communicate outside of normal office hours to ensure we were able to provide the perfect system for the scenario.   Conversations between the Saudi group and our team of engineers resulted in the FV60 FiltaVent passive system to be suitable for the role.

It was more than capable to handle the amounts of odour being expelled.  It was a very neat modular system that packaged perfectly for travel.  The system was already set up with carbon installed so the team at the Saudi end just had to connect to the exhaust duct.


The Global Energy Trading company were extremely happy with the speed that the system was delivered to site.  They reported that the odour had been removed to the standard required by the authorities and it was very simple to install.  The unit had arrived in perfect condition and it took them 30 minutes to install. In 6 months of operation, it is still performing extremely well and the unit is like new.  They were very impressed with working with an Australian company that was so supportive and creative.


Thank you very much for your FV60 and willingness to help our company.  We are very happy with the results and how easy it was to add to our system.

Global Energy Trading Company – Saudi Arabia

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