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EH&S Compliant Chemical Dosing

CDUsafe has been developed to ensure dosing systems meet all environmental, safe storage and occupational compliance. These systems are entirely transportable and fully scalable for chemical dosing of both hazardous and non-hazardous substances. Our knowledgeable staff can give you advice on the ideal dosage solution for your network.

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HDPE Vessel

CDUsafe uses high density polyethylene (HDPE) vessel manufactured to DVS 2005 standard. HDPE has superior chemical resistance and structural strength. Unlike rotomolded low density polyethylene there is no compromise in plastic compatibility when welding fitments to the vessel.


Industry standards require hazardous chemical tanks to be stored in a bund that can hold 110% of the chemical tank capacity. We use a twin-walled HDPE bund to provide the maximum protection against chemical spills or leaks. 

Concrete Hut

Our chemical dosing structure is manufactured from pre-formed concrete panels that are constructed at the factory as a complete building. Internal and external treatment of the concrete is designed to protect the concrete from environmental and chemical exposure.


The CDUsafe dosing system is completely portable and is able to be moved to site using traditional transport. It will arrive complete with vessels, piping, dosing loom and electrical construction completed.

Safe Access

The unique design of CDUsafe makes access and egress as safe as possible. The raised access floor protects¬† operational staff from chemical exposure.¬†Operational interlocks are incorporated into the system’s design to guarantee that all emergency reaction mechanisms are completely functional

System design options:

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