Odour Control Services

Bioaction provides specialised services for wastewater customers.

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Maintenance and Refurbishment

Bioaction has completed a wide range of OCU renovations and repairs to get customer assets back in working order. Our team collaborates with technical and operational personnel to create strategic plans for project implementation.

Media Replacement

The replacement of used odour filter media is organised by the Bioaction service and maintenance staff. We coordinate the removal, disposal, and resupply as well as provide advice on the suitability of media.

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Bioaction offers specialised industry consulting services through its technical and engineering division. These include network and treatment assessment, project evaluation, and project planning.

Testing and Monitoring

A crucial component of preserving OCU functionality and ensuring compliance is performance monitoring. Costly asset degradation can be reduced by early diagnosis. We offer a variety of services, such as liquid phase dissolved sulphide testing, gas analysis, odour analysis, and H2S logging.
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Continuous Monitoring Panels

Bioaction design, engineer, install and commission continuous H2S monitoring panels.

Specialised Fabrication

Our in-house fabrication facility designs, constructs and installs custom-made projects. We perform site evaluations and respond with a design and budget proposal.

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