Odour Control Media

Bioaction provides a range of odour control media.



Unique alumina silica mineral and lignin-rich natural fibre combined to promote and enhance biological growth over an extensive operational life.


Polyhedral Hollow Ball packing media  is made from heat, chemical corrosion and biological resistant plastics. They are light weight, high porosity, low pressure drop and high surface area.


Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is manufactured from either coal or coconut shell to form a highly porous structure with high surface area capable of  adsorbing contaminates.


These patented, spherical, porous pellets are comprised of  chemical compounds such as activated alumina, sodium permanganate, activated carbon, and potassium permanganate.

FiltaMedia 1


FiltaMin is a unique natural mineral with high zeolitic properties and exceptional life-long performance in high acidic environments.

FiltaMedia 2


BioMedia is a sustainable organic biological growth media with low bio-availability providing lasting performance.

FiltaMedia 3

Synthetic Media

Synthetic Media in various types is used in our FiltaMod Biotrickling Systems were surface area and air-filled porosity determine performance.

FiltaMedia 4

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Adsorption Media is available in different forms to meet the specifications of the contaminated air flow. It is available in both impregnated or virgin varieties to suit the gas composition.

FiltaMedia 5

Specialised Media

Specialised media uses a chemisorption process that converts hazardous gases from the air into non-toxic materials that become trapped inside the pellet. This process is instantaneous and irreversible.