Biofilter Raised Flooring System

The hanit® Biofilter Raised Flooring System provides the perfect solution to the problems experienced with wooden or steel flooring systems in biofilter plants. This adaptable and durable system is the logical choice for harsh chemical environments.

Hanit 1


Maintenance Free

Long Life

Light Weight

Faster Installation


Allows Good Airflow

Range of Applications

  • Biofilters within biogas production
  • Industrial and utility facilities
  • Walking surfaces to allow drainage
  • Composting facilities
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Biogas plants
  • Waste processing plants
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Food industry
  • Odorous facilities
Hanit 2
Hanit 3


  • Allows good airflow
  • Excellent performance at high temperature and humidity
  • Simple to handle and install
  • Inherently stable support mechanism

Installation Advantages

  • Simple, fast, and cost-effective installation due to large lightweight components
  • Reduced manpower requirements
  • The hanit® flooring supports can be fitted to any part of the floor, therefore enabling the installation of various filter shapes and dimensions
  • Easy mechanical treatment (drilling, cutting, screwing)
  • The hanit® system can be driven on immediately after installation, eliminating idle time
Hanit 4

The supports are arranged on a level, load-bearing surface with the castellations pointing upwards.

The covered area is accessible by vehicles between 2t and 3t total weight. Two additional supports need to be placed in the centre of each grid to enable a 3t vehicle to access the covered area. (2t vehicles require 6 supports & 3t vehicles require 8 supports as shown).

Hanit 5
Hanit 6

The grids are fitted into the castellations of the supports.

Technical Properties

  • Large airflow surface
  • Resistant to chemicals, acids and micro-organisms
  • Durable and non-porous
  • Adaptable to every filter shape incl. round filters)
  • The cross-section of the ventilation holes prevents the filter medium from falling through
  • Accessible by vehicles (depending on installation) of up to 3t gross weight
Hanit 7

Flooring System

  • Dimensions: 1.000 x 500 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 15.7 kg
  • Open surface area: approx. 32%
  • Material: hanit® recycled plastic
  • Colour: grey


  • Length: variable 200 – 1.000 mm
  • Weight: 2-9 kg
  • Material: hanit® recycled plastic
  • Colour: grey
Hanit 8

Adaptable to Any Size

hanit® Biofilter Raised Flooring System can be easily altered on site, allowing it to be adapted to accommodate complex areas and work around obstacles encountered on site.
Hanit 9

Simple and Quick Installation

Because of its design the hanit® Biofilter Raised Flooring System can be positively fitted into the castellations of the supports. A fast and economical installation.
Hanit 10

Inherently Strong with Large Airflow Surface

The hanit® Biofilter Raised Flooring System is ideally suited as a ventilation floor or airflow surface in biofilter facilities. It is able to take the weight of the media and the weight of a loading/unloading vehicle up to 3 tonnes*

(*3 tonnes using the 8 leg system)