Wastewater Odour Control Consumables & Parts

Bioaction provides parts and consumables for wastewater customers.

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Prefilters play an important role in reducing the amount of fats and greases entering the OCU. These are made of HDPE to resist the corrosive acidic conditions of sewer gases.

Prefilter Screens

Our prefilter screens are made from HDPE to mitigate the corrosive conditions of the incoming gases and not compromise the filter performance. Available in comparable sizes to traditional metal screens.

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Acoustic Housings

Our unique design and construction material will provide high levels of noise reductions caused by an operating fan. Made from the latest  HDPE twin walled composite they are easy to install and access.

Sound Attenuators

Sound attenuators play a significant role in reducing the noise in the duct line post blower fan.

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Vent Stacks

Bioaction offer a range of engineered ventilation stacks in a range of construction materials (galvanised, stainless steel and GRP). We can supply to your specifications.

Stack Diverters

Our stack diverters are designed to fit to our passive FiltaVent units and are engineered to for retrofit or new vent stacks applications.

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H2S Continuous Monitoring Panels

H2S Continuous Monitoring panels provide operators remote monitoring of their OCU installation. These are built to our client’s specification, or we can supply our standard design.

Demisters / Mist Eliminators

We can supply mist eliminators to your specification based upon flow and application.

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Dehumidifying Inline Heaters

In-line Dehumidifying Heaters can improve efficiency and prolong the life of activated carbon.

Blower Fans

Bioaction can specify and supply a range of fan options designed for specific applications. They are available in poly or stainless steel, and all have Ex’N rated motors fitted.

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Ducting & Fittings

Our in-house fabrication capability can supply a range of ducting designs and fittings such as flanges, bends, reducers and sloped junctions. We can design, fabricate and install ducting made from PVC, HDPE, Stainless Steel and GRP.