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Passive Network Ventilation Systems

Odour Control Systems

The heart of the Bioaction FiltaVent range is the unique filter cartridge that has been design to maximise the adsorption media capacity while maintaining a very low pressure drop. A FiltaVent two-way breathable cartridge provides a consistent pressure drop across filter media.

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Eliminate fugitive odours

The FiltaVent range of passive vent filters will eliminate fugitive odours that would normally be vented into the atmosphere. The replaceable cartridges use impregnated activated carbon to target sewer gases generated in the network pipelines.

Improve ventilation

Proper ventilation of sewer networks is important to ensure the hydraulics of the wastewater is maintained and corrosive gases can be released. Ventilation stacks are a critical part of the process, and any compromise of its operational performance will have significant consequences. The unique breathable design of the FiltaVent products promote ventilation in the network and reduces the corrosion potential.

Reduced corrosion

H2S gas in a humid environment together with the sulphate-reducing bacteria in an anerobic state, are highly corrosive to sewer network assets. Increasing ventilation will release H2S and increase fresh air availability which naturally reduces corrosion.

Reduced condensation

The air movement up and down a ventilation stack under negative and positive pressure is important to reduce the incidence of condensation in the stack. As humid warm corrosive gases are released under pressure from a sewer network, they can condensate inside the vent when it reaches dew point. Ensuring the inflow is not compromised significantly reduces the formation of condensation in the ventilation stack.


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Stack Diverter

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Vent Stacks

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Street Enclosure

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Shutoff Valve

Pressure & Flow

Ventilation stacks are an important asset in sewer networks to release pressure in the pipeline, but also draw air into the network. This ensures proper hydraulics of the sewer flow and promotes ventilation of the pipeline to reduce odour and corrosion.

Key to any passive odour filtration system is to not increase the pressure differential in the vent stack. A system with a high pressure differential decreases the flow and increases acidic condensation forming in the vent stack.

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FiltaVent is available in three models to provide a design most suitable for your application.

Model SEE (Side Entry & Exit) is designed to be connected to the Bioaction stack diverter or to connect inflow ducting to the bottom spigot and then connect from the outflow spigot to a vent stack.

Model BE (Base Entry) is designed to sit directly over a duct pipe or penetration with the treated outflow discharged directly from it’s lid via a series of vermin protected vent points. This model can be used to replace a vent stack or be used as induct.

Model SE (Side Entry) is designed to be connected in an inflow duct line via the spigot and the treated outflow discharged directly from it’s lid via a series of vermin protected vent points. This model can be used to replace a vent stack.