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Commercial Activated Carbon Filters

Compact Forced Extraction Systems

The FiltaOdor units are a range of compact all-in-one systems using activated adsorption carbon. Constructed from HDPE, the units are highly robust and do not require security fencing. As a standard design these units include prefilters, extraction fans, sound attenuators and flow control.

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Adsorption Filtration

Air-phase adsorption systems generally use activated carbon to trap and retain molecular compounds on the contaminated airstream. Bioaction uses advanced modelling to analyse the gas composition and provide a carbon blend for performance and operational life optimisation.

Turn Key Design

The FiltaOdor odour control units are supplied as a complete plug-and-play operating system ready for easy installation. Adsorption media, pre-filter, extraction fan, flow control and sound attenuation is all contained within the unit.

Robust Construction

FiltaOdor is constructed from the highest quality industrial materials to maximise its operational life in harsh environmental conditions.

Scaled Design

These units come in a range of flow and concentration capacities. Provide us with your target flow rate and gas concentrations and we will recommend the right unit for the job.


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Standard System Components:

The FiltaOdor range of odour control plug-and-play units can resolve fugitive emissions from wastewater pump station, collection manholes and any industrial emission source. The flow capacity described is contingent upon gas concentrations. Each system comes standard with the below features:

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