FiltaMod 1

Scalable Modular Odour Control Systems

Biological Filtration

FiltaMod is a unique design incorporating Bioaction’s standard modular vessel construction that supports multiple treatment technologies, flow rates and gas concentration reductions. Our advanced FiltaMod design modelling ensures our systems meet the planned outcomes of the project’s specification. 

FiltaMod 2

Biological Filtration

Biological air-phase treatment systems are one of the most important processes applied to treat waste gases and to control odours. The degradation of organic and inorganic gases is derived from microorganisms that populate on a biological growth media. Contaminates are metabolised by the microorganisms when supported with operating conditions.


The Bioaction Biofilter system uses a unique combination of long lasting organic and mineral media in autotrophic and heterotrophic zones of the filter column. The system requires little maintenance or the need for supplementary nutrients.


Our Biotrickling systems are a low-rise design using a synthetic biological growth media to support biomass growth. The systems operate in either single pass though, that avoids recirculation and pH balancing, or full recirculation for higher performance.

Adsorption Filtration

Air-phase adsorption systems generally use activated carbon to trap and retain molecular compounds on the contaminated airstream. Bioaction uses advanced modelling to analyse the gas composition and provide a carbon blend for performance and operational life optimisation.

Modular Design

The Bioaction engineering team created the FiltaMod modular design to minimize the operational footprint for lower construction and logistics costs. We employ twin-walled High Density Polypropylene of the most recent generation (HDPE) for vessel construction.

System Examples

FiltaMod 3


FiltaMod 4

BIO-22 + ACF-21

FiltaMod 5


System design options:

The modular design methodology allows for the integration of a large number of options and components to ensure the system meets any specification and ensures optimal treatment in the smallest footprint.