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Seamless solution from start to finish. We will design, manufacture, install and commission a system to the application or project

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Specialist engineers will collaborate with you, assessing your requirements, providing the most economic and effective solution.

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Protect your assets and investment.  We offer a range of service and maintenance options to ensure your system meets your treatment expectations

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Bioaction works with you to recognise the safety, health and environmental implications of your odours and emissions generated by your industrial processes and conditions.  

Achieving and maintaining compliance with legal, community and workplace health and safety requirements, equips you to operate responsibly and to avoid accountability issues that will hamper your business or government operation.

the leader in odour and corrosion treatment




We are the leader in odour and corrosion treatment and we pride ourselves on the solutions and service we provide our customers.

Drawing on our expertise across a broad range of technologies, we design the best treatment option for your industrial odour problem, whether you need a small vent unit or solutions for a wastewater treatment plant. We have the capabilities and capacity to meet your needs.


 bioaction technology

Our biological, absorption and oxidative filtration technology solutions provide high-level emission abatement in a small operating footprint with minimal maintenance and optimised operational costs.

Depending on the foul air stream gas profile, Bioaction will customise the technologies to suit the application and very often design a hybrid system incorporating a multiple phase approach. This is typically a biological primary treatment followed by a second phase polishing treatment achieving up to a 99.95% filtration rate.

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