Croudace Bay 1

Pump Station Activated Carbon Filter Case Study

For a number of years, Hunter Water Corporation regularly received odour complaints from neighbouring businesses and residents around the Croudace Bay 1 Wastewater Pump Station (WWPS) site.

In 2020 preliminary works were undertaken to address and mitigate the complaints and an odour extraction unit with fan, pre-filter and control panel was installed at the WWPS. This extraction strategy was designed to pull 3,600 m³/hr (1,000 L/s) from the pump station wet well and discharge the air up a vent stack.

Hunter Water Corporation then sought to further enhance the unit’s capability by commissioning Bioaction to retrofit to the existing system a carbon filter, concrete footings, safety fencing, inline heater, and new pipework to connect the carbon filter to the existing extraction fan unit. Bioaction installed a FiltaMod ACF-23 at the site which was able to remove the odour from the air stream:

Croudace Bay WPS H2S Results

InletAC Outlet
Average (ppm)1.3390.000
Peak (ppm)5.00.0
Reduction (%)100.0%

Site restoration took place before fencing was installed to complete the installation. The final result is a fully operational odour control system delivered on time and on budget that is able to eliminate the odour from the wet well and ensure previous complaints are addressed for the location. Hunter Water Corporation was happy with the final product and the overall project outcome.

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