Terrigal C4

Compact Pump Station Activated Carbon Filter

The Terrigal C4 pump station is located next to a prominent local church carpark which, thanks to odour generated by the pump station caused residents and visitors to contact the Council and report odours in the oceanside area.

The existing strategy employed at the pump station was the inclusion of a passive filtration unit on the receiving manhole and a vent stack connected to the wet well. Unfortunately the existing passive filtration unit utilised a cartridge that caused high pressure and did not allow air to pass through and as a result caused odorous air to be expelled out the vent stack.

A FiltaOdour FCC200 was installed in replacement for the vent stack to ensure negative pressure is maintained within the wet well while a FiltaVent FV40 was used as an induct replacing the original passive filter. This ensured air was extracted from the wet well at a rate of 720 m³/hr (200 L/s) and treated within the activated carbon filter, while the FV40 acts as an induct into the system.

The installation was on public land and was required to be vandal resistant while still ensuring adequate treatment of air. The final solution has proved to be successful with the community no longer lodging complaints.

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