Vent Stack Replacement

Sewer Vent Stack Muswellbrook

The initial rising main vent shaft, constructed in 1982–1983, stood 6 metres tall, was made of metal pipe, and vented sewer gases and odours. As the efficiency of the shaft degraded over time, an additional 4 metre asbestos sleeve was added, bringing the vent’s overall height to 11 metres when including the concrete base.

The asbestos cement vent was old and posed a risk to the neighbourhood in the event that it collapsed.  Muswellbrook High School is nearby and there had been numerous complaints about odours and this led to the decision that the vent stack needed to be taken down and an odour control solution employed.

Vent Stack Replacement 1
Removal of the existing asbestos vent stack

Bioaction suggested replacing the vent stack with it’s self-breathable passive ground mounted filter that can be used in conjunction with, or to replace, a ventilation stack. The FV160 is designed with low static pressure, so it does not impact wastewater transfer hydraulics. The FV160 has a replaceable filter cartridge for ease of maintenance and can be used as an educt for effective cross-flow ventilation and reduces the risk of fugitive gas emissions.

In 2021, representatives from Muswellbrook Council and Bioaction coordinated the removal of the Dolahenty St vent shaft in accordance with The Education Department requirements and multiple asbestos removal certified contractors. This was an extremely complex project from several perspectives with close proximity to the high school, residences and power lines, the presence of asbestos material in the vent shaft while being located on a busy intersection. Ensuring appropriate controls and communication were in place was paramount to the success of the operation.

The aging and dangerous asbestos vent stack was removed without incident, thanks to effective communication and coordination of multiple moving parts.

The replacement Bioaction FV160BE unit, provides a superior environmentally friendly odour reduction solution that is safe and more visually appealing. Muswellbrook Shire Council was delighted with the result and the completed works has been well received by the community.

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