Industrial plants located near residential areas can be the subject of political and legal problems if these facilities produce unpleasant odours as by-products of many manufacturing processes. Most odours occur in the gaseous phase but can be conveyed in liquid and solid particles. Gases generated in an industrial process are complex and varied, making the selection of a treatment system difficult.



Fertiliser Manufacturing

Mercaptans, reduced sulphur compounds, trimethylamines

Food Producers & Canneries

Products of nitrogen compound decomposition


Reduced sulphur compounds, caproic acids

Pharmaceutical Plants, Breweries, Fermentation Wastes

Amines, sulphur compounds

Petroleum Refining

Mercaptans, H2S, ammonia

Waste Management

VOC’s, mercaptans, sulphur compounds

Chemical Plants

Phenolics, sulphur compounds, formaldehyde, solvents

Textile & Paper

Urea, starch decomposition products

Eliminating or reducing their source is one way but, in many cases, some degree of treatment regime is required. That’s where we come in.

Bioaction can assists you in designing a treatment system to:

  • Improve occupational safety when working around hazardous gases
  • Allow you to meet strict environmental compliance
  • Improve community relations

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