FiltaCarb™ Gas Absorption System

FiltaCarb Absorption utilises activated carbon to treat a broad spectrum of odorous and corrosive gases. These are highly efficient and economical systems to remove VOC’s, corrosive gases including Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and toxic gas phase emissions. They provide immediate adsorption upon contact with the gases. All the systems have a specified contact time to ensure they meet optimum performance throughout the life of the media. The filter vessels are filled with a specific activated carbon, which is suitable to the abatement application.



  • Suitable for municipal sewer and industrial applications
  • Greater than 99.5% of H2S removal
  • Ability to treat complex gas streams
  • Design to have minimal static pressure
  • Media life can be predetermined
  • Corrosion resistant and UV stable HDPE construction
  • Complete with turn-key system
  • Skid mounted for rapid deployment and ease of transport


  • Fully expandable to suit flow requirements
  • Negative and positive pressure flow
  • Duty and standby fan arrangements
  • Stainless Steel fan/blower
  • Access platforms
  • Continuous H2S monitoring


Min Flow (L/s)Max Flow (L/s)EBRT @ Max Flow (s)Vessel Diameter (m)Width (m)Length (m)Height (m)Media Vol (m^3)System Mass (kg)Approx. Pressure @ Max Flow (Pa)Motor Size

Fulton Hogan

Background: Fulton Hogan produces hot tar.  The tar has to be kept at very high temperatures for mixing.  As you could imagine, in the mixing process it gives off a

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